Sunday, March 25, 2012

Yamaha RX 100

   The Yamaha RX100 is a 98 cc two-stroke single-cylinder air-cooled motorcycle that was manufactured between 1985 and 1996. The only changes in its eleven year production history were the pin striping and an upgrade to a 12-volt electrical system.

     The Yamaha RX100 was launched in late 1985. The bikes, manufactured between 1985 and 1987 were knock-down kits (CKD) and were simply assembled in India. The gearbox covering just above the gear shift lever had the words "MADE IN JAPAN "
embossed on it.

     The only major change that the bike underwent was that it was upgraded from a 6V electrical system to a 12V system. Apart from that, the pin striping was changed two times. So there are three different decal types in all.
     The bike's production run lasted from November 1985 to March 1996. Various modifications like expansion chambers, drum brakes and 5th gear. The model was followed by the 132 cc RXG. Then came the RX135, which was essentially a rebadged RXG. The RXG was launched with a sportier headlamp fairing.

     A Yamaha RX100, modified by fitting a Yamaha RX-S seat, exhaust, side covers, grab-rail and tail light. It has also been fitted with aftermarket handlebars, an Akront rim on the rear wheel, and modern tyres.

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  1. Yes, It is classic bike and so many various changes wass done by company to maintain it's market but finally company have to stop it's production to promote other bikes model.