Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Motorcycle Engine Rebuilds & Transmission Work

Motorcycle Head


  • New valve covers
  • All new studs
  • New 34mm Mikuni conversion is CNW standard carburetion
  • Head and cylinder barrel surfaced to insure flatness
  • Combustion chamber volumes are equalized
  • Precision 3 angle cut on valve seats
  • New bronze valve guides
  • New Black Diamond valves
  • New valve springs and insulators
  • New mushroom head tappet adjusters
  • Rockers and rocker spindles replaced as required
  • New rocker thrust washers and locating springs
  • New cast stainless steel exhaust nuts
  • New cast stainless steel rocker spindle covers
  • New stainless steel head fasteners, complete set
  • Glass bead blasting
  • "Show" polished rocker covers with stainless steel nuts
  • Braided stainless steel overhead oil lines with chrome banjos
  • Improved intake valve seals

  • Exhaust port thread repair
  • Fin repair as required
  • Spark plug helicoils
Motorcycle Cylinder Barrel and Pistons

  • Pistons, pins and rings are weighted to match within 0.0 (tenth) grams
  • Barrel is surfaced for flatness
  • Barrel is shot peened, pressure washed and durable high gloss finish applied
  • Barrel is precision bored and honed to correct tolerance
  • Cam followers/lifters are surface ground
  • New pistons and rings
  • New stainless steel fasteners
  • Barrel base studs are replaced


  • Fin repair as required
  • Lifter replacement as required, pairs only
  • Barrel re-sleeving
Motorcycle Bottom End

  • New camshaft (several grinds available)
  • New oilpump
  • New pointscover
  • All new crankshaft hardware
  • Rods are weighted to match within 0.0 (tenth) grams
  • All crankcase hardware is replaced with new stainless steel
  • Crankshaft is magnafluxed, then ground and polished as required
  • Rods inspected, appropriate repair of nicks, etc.
  • New big end bearings installed
  • Crankcase timing side modified for improved breathing as required
  • New cam bushings as required
  • Crankcase is glass bead blasted and pressure washed
  • Crank breather check valve installed
  • Anti wet sump check valve installed
  • Magnet added to sump strainer
  • New main bearings installed
  • All crankshaft keys are replaced
  • Cam chain and adjuster replaced as required
  • Upgraded tachometer drive seal installed
  • Covers are polished to "show" standard
  • Rods cut down and resized to ensure roundness


  • Crankshaft or crankcase replaced if required
Motorcycle Primary Case and Drive


  • New belt drive
  • New outer primary cover
  • New Barnett steel and friction plates installed
  • New hardened clutch center installed as required
  • New clutch basket bearing installed as required
  • Clutch pushrod seal by Dave Comeau installed
  • New stainless steel fasteners and replated studs throughout
  • New inspection caps
Motorcycle Transmission


  • New inner mainshaft bearing installed
  • Transmission case bead blasted and pressure washed
  • Gear bushings replaced as required
  • Upgraded layshaft roller bearing installed
  • New mainshaft bearing and seal installed
  • New countershaft sprocket, specific to 520 "O" ring chain
  • Outer cover machined to accept MKIII kickstart shaft seal upgrade
  • New "quad" rings replace all "O" rings throughout
  • New shift linkage springs installed
  • New MKIII kickstarter arm assembly
  • Covers polished to "show" standard
  • All new stainless steel hardware
  • New inspection cover


  • Gear sets as required or requested
  • Layshaft or mainshaft replacement if required

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